New Construction

Murrell’s Coating

Murrell’s Coating is a modified asphalt emulsion enhanced with polymer and other additives for increased installation thickness. The product has outstanding adhesion to concrete and a low vapor permeance. Murrell’s Coating is designed for spray application to the below grade exterior of masonry and poured foundations. It can also be used for cavity wall applications.

Gravel And Pipe

Gravel and pipe french drains have been used on basement foundations for many years. If we examine the components of the french drain, we find the perforated pipe capable of transmitting large volumes of water. For this to happen for a long period of time, the gravel surrounding the pipe must function as an adequate soil filter or the system is certain to fail. The large void spaces in gravel are not small enough to restrain the fine grained soil particles in the adjacent backfill. Soil migrates into the void spaces as well as settling in the pipe, ultimately plugging the french drain system. For a gravel and pipe french drain to perform adequately, the gravel should be wrapped in a suitable filter fabric to prevent soil intrusion. The open graded gravel can then convey the water to the drainage pipe for removal. Hence, gravel is a very effective means for collecting and conveying water, but it does not adequately perform the function of a soil filter.

J-Drain SWD-6

J DrainA composite drainage system consisting of a 3-dimensional, high flow drainage core wrapped and bonded to a soil filter fabric. Soil particles in the surrounding backfill are held back by the filter fabric allowing filtered water to pass through into the drainage core. The drainage core collects and conveys water and discharges the collected water to a sump or daylight. The drainage core in J-DRain SWD-6 replaces both the pipe and the gravel in the french drain system. The addition of a filter fabric makes this engineered system superior to a gravel and pipe french drain in performance and longevity.