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Wall Cracks

Wall Cracks

Repaired Wall CrackPoured concrete walls that area leaking at wall cracks, waterline, and sewerline penetration are common issues. When we seal a wall crack, waterline, or sewerline penetration we use a process called Emecole Injection System, details on the injections system are included on our web pages. The injection system is not typically used on block walls and each repair must be assed individually. Our pricing for repair of a standard 8 foot wall crack sealed with Emecole injection is $575.00, sealant of the waterline and the sewerline penetration with Emecole injection system is $375.00. These prices are standard and we reserve the right to price each repair on an individual basis. As a temporary repair you can use hydraulic cement from your local do it yourself store. It is best to apply the hydraulic cement when the leak is not actively flowing water, however it can be used in flowing water to help slow the penetration. See the product label for directions for mixing and applying hydraulic cement. Please note that this is not a permanent repair hydraulic cement is a rigid material and will re-crack allowing water to penetrate; again however it is a great tool for holding back the water until a professional arrives. To the right is a picture of a completed injection on a concrete wall.

Check Your Foundation Drains

Foundation DrainWhen water is penetration your basement at the joint of the floor and the wall…Locate your foundation drains, most all of the homes in the Metro Atlanta area have foundation drains installed. These drains run around the exterior of the foundation wall at the footing. The pipes “tail” out where the basement walls transition from poured concrete to stud walls most of the time. These drains can be located with a shovel and opened to drain at the corner of the house, many times this is enough to release hydro-static pressure and help control water is entering the basement between the floor and the wall.

Check Your Gutters

The gutters for the roof system can disperse a large amount of water along the foundation. It is very important that the gutters are cleaned out and not over flowing at the edge of the house. Additionally the gutter down spouts should be extending at least 10 feet from the house. The gutter downspouts can be extended with corrugated pipe or many other extension options available at your local do it yourself store.