About Us

Murrell’s Waterproofing Services Inc. established in 1986 and located in Loganville, Georgia, has served the Greater Metro Atlanta Areas waterproofing needs for over 30 years. Murrell’s Waterproofing is staffed with a workforce with over 100 years of experience in the field of foundation waterproofing. Murrell’s Waterproofing has worked for over 380 new construction builders and remodelers in the Atlanta area together totaling over 60,000 new construction homes waterproofed by Murrell’s Guaranteed Waterproofing System. In addition to our new construction
division, Murrell’s Waterproofing has had the honor of serving over 10,000 residential homeowners in correcting waterproofing issues in their homes. Browse through our testimonials and you will see that Home Builders, Home Owners, Real Estate Agents and project managers all trust Murrell’s Waterproofing to assure that their homes are watertight.

Additionally, Murrell’s Waterproofing boast one of the oldest warranty programs in the Atlanta area. With Murrell’s Waterproofing you don’t pay unreasonable cost for a lifetime warranty, from a company you can’t be sure will be around in 5 years. Murrell’s Waterproofing offers homeowners a renewable warranty at a reasonable rate each year to extend the warranty
on their waterproofing, allowing the owner to choose how long they keep their warranty in force.

Give us a call, it is our goal to serve our customers with the most experienced and reasonably priced service available on today’s market.